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Babies love to swim! After spending 9 months floating in a womb – a warm pool feels much more familiar than dry land!  The earlier your little one starts swimming, then the more benefits they’ll gain – not just water safety, a must in New Zealand, where the beach and swimming is our culture, but also other physical benefits. Studies show that those who swim have BETTER SLEEPING PATTERNS, eating habits, improved cognitive function and numerous psychological benefits including increased confidence and bonding with their parent.

At Swim Baby, we have the best-trained swimming teachers in New Zealand.  We’ve completed world-class training and our qualifications are internationally recognised.

The temperature of our pools are generally warmer than public swimming pools and we limit the class numbers dependent on individual capacity at each of our venues. Classes run for 25 minutes, once a week throughout the term. A term is usually 9-10 weeks and runs with the school term and public holidays and will run at the same time and day each week.

When you register your interest by selecting the Book Now button below, we will contact you back within 48 hours to answer any questions you might have and arrange for your space in the class to be secured. You can expect to find out what to bring, where to go and what to expect on your first lesson. We always have someone there for your first lesson to meet and greet you and make sure you and your child have the best experience!

Why choose Swim Baby?

Our mission at Swim Baby is to deliver the most fun, safe and effective swimming programme to babies and toddlers in New Zealand.

Swim Baby FAQs

We understand you may feel unsure about what to expect when bringing your baby for the first time. Here are our most frequently asked questions.

Client’s Testimonials

Rachael Webb

These ladies are so passionate about what they do and make the lessons do much fun. They put a real emphasis on being child led so safety first. Such a nurturing environment. Great work swim baby!

5th April 2020

Jo Chambers Sear

I am so enjoying this course. Love how they respect and care for babies and parents! It’s a real bonding experience as well as helping them become more confident in the water.

25 February 2020

Tegan Dave

“I was worried if I would like the happy nappy as it’s a pull up but it was so easy to pull up and take off even when wet and I didn’t have to worry while in the pool about any potential code browns! She previously had a [different brand] swim nappy they look like speedos I actually found those harder to put on and take off and I was always worried about poop escaping it was hard to enjoy the pool. So glad you sell the happy nappy and the baby wrap they made our swimming experience super enjoyable!”

22 May 2020

Mother with her daughter in the pool. Daughter is holding onto the poolside.

Teaching your baby to swim

At Swim Baby, we teach babies from birth to 5 years old.
We are passionate about teaching lifesaving skills from a young age.

Check out our classes and how they work in the button below.

Our mission

Our mission at Swim Baby is to deliver the most fun, safe and effective swimming programme to babies and toddlers in New Zealand.

Our swimming programme

Baby lessons are gentle, with a focus on bonding, trust and water confidence. Babies learn by imitation through cues, signing, play, songs, games and water toys.
Toddler lessons are a natural progression from our baby lessons and build on your child’s confidence. The focus is still on fun and play but continues to progress safety and aquatic skills.

Ready to swim?

Swim Baby is a
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