Our mission at Swim Baby is to deliver the most fun, safe and effective swimming programme to babies and toddlers in New Zealand.

Our philosophy

We give your child a head start in the water

Water is a natural environment where babies can feel safe and secure. Starting to swim from a young age will make your baby safer, stronger and more confident in the water. In fact, recent scientific studies have shown it can also help your baby with feeding, sleep, and reaching milestones earlier. 

We give you the best swimming teachers

At Swim Baby, we have the best-trained swimming teachers in New Zealand.  We’ve completed world-class training and our qualifications are internationally recognised.

We’ll help you to become more confident with your baby in the water too

Not only do we teach your child in our lessons, but we will also show you how to teach your child to swim. You will be confident you can support your child with their swimming and continue their learning outside of class.  

We understand your family time is precious 

Swim Baby lessons are an enriching experience for your child and for you. We give you a special time to bond with your baby and teach in a gentle and nurturing way. Our lessons are safe, and baby-led which means your little one will learn at their own pace in a fun and respectful way. We nurture safer, stronger babies that grow up with a love of the water.

About Silvana


My love of water started from a very young age. This is me with my mother at about 12 months old at my Aquabear swimming lesson.  From the age of 9 I started swimming competitively for Capital Swim Club, training and competing was my life for the next 5 years.

Since then, my partner Anthony and I have been raising four beautiful kids. We have both had the joy of taking them to swimming lessons as children and noticed a difference it made to their skill and confidence when swimming in the pool and the beach.

Launching Swim Baby here in my home- town of Wellington, where I was born and raised, is a dream come true and we have big dreams of expanding the business further in Auckland and in the South Island.

We would love to welcome you into our big swimming family and give you and your little ones memories that will last a life time!

We care and will support you as new parents  

Being a new parent can be very overwhelming. We know how beneficial it can be to do something special with your baby. Swim Baby lessons will also give you time to connect with other like-minded parents. We’re like one big happy family, and do our best to provide emotional support at what can sometimes be a challenging time. 

Ready to swim?

Swim Baby is a
"Coral and Aquamarine Limited" Company operating in New Zealand