A swimming start to life

At Swim Baby, we teach babies from birth to 5 years old. 

We are passionate about teaching lifesaving skills from a young age. Our aim is to give your child a head start so not only will they learn the water safety skills they need to keep them safe, but they will also learn how to swim unaided and have a lifelong love of the water. 

Our swimming programme

Our teaching approach allows children and adults to learn to swim together in a safe, supportive environment and have lots of fun. 

Baby lessons are gentle, with a focus on bonding, trust and water confidence. Babies learn by imitation through cues, signing, play, songs, games and water toys. Your baby will be splashing, blowing bubbles, kicking their legs, and learning to float. Underwater swimming is introduced gently, working with babies natural swim reflexes. 

Toddler lessons are a natural progression from our baby lessons and build on your child’s confidence. The focus is still on fun and play but continues to progress safety and aquatic skills. With our aim that when your child graduates from Swim Baby, they can swim longer distances completely independently and have basic competency in all four swim strokes – freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke and butterfly. 

Our teachers are highly trained to teach water safety to babies and toddlers at the appropriate level.  We progress each child individually to their own ability and each week, they will build on the skills they have learned. By keeping lessons fun and progressive we keep your little one engaged and wanting to learn. 

How our classes work

Classes run for 25 minutes and are once a week throughout the term. A term is usually about 10 weeks and runs with the school term and public holidays. There is one lesson per week in your allocated class, which will run at the same time and day each week. 

We always teach with one parent/carer accompanying each child in the pool. This way your child benefits from support and you learn how to continue supporting your child’s swimming outside of class. 

The temperature of the pool depends on the pool we are teaching at, but our pools are generally warmer than public swimming pools. We limit the class numbers dependent on individual capacity at each of our venues. 

In the water, we create a warm, happy, and relaxed environment – making it a special time for you to bond with your child. 

Ready to swim?

Swim Baby is a
"Coral and Aquamarine Limited" Company operating in New Zealand